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Why synthetic? Because synthetic lubricants are superior to conventional petroleum lubricants. Petroleum lubricants are refined from crude oil, a natural substance pumped from the earth and containing diverse chemicals. Some of the chemicals in petroleum oil are detrimental to the lubrication process and to the lubricated components. For example, some petroleum oil chemicals invite oxidation in high temperature operations. Oxidation quickly destroys lubricant integrity.

Synthetic lubes, on the other hand, are not refined from crude oil, but constructed from pure chemicals selected for their ability to lubricate. The purity of synthetic lubricant basestocks significantly reduces lubricant oxidation, which promotes the ability of synthetics to be used in higher tempresature applications than conventional lubes may be and promotes their ability to be used for extended drain intervals. In fact, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are specifically formulated for extended drain intervals.

The molecular uniformity of carfully selected synthetic lubes promotes superior lubrication and friction reduction, which in turn promotes superior heat control, wear control and energy efficiency. Molecular uniformity also helps synthetics maintain their protective viscosity in high temperature operations, which also promotes superior wear control.

The superior performance and protection afforded your equipment by AMSOIL synthetic lubricants adds up to increased productive time and profits for you.

Reduced Operating Costs
Greater Fuel Economy
Increased Equipment Durability
Extended Drain Intervals

"I credit AMSOIL Compressor Oil with savings in five areas. By helping our compressors run 20 to 40 degrees cooler, we no longer need fans and speical ventilation systems for heat reduction. With those cooler operating temperatures and the fluid's superior stability, our valves don't carbon up, so we don't have to replace them as often. Our compressors draw 10 percent less amperage with AMSOIL. Our oil consumption is way down. And we've gone from three month to 8000 hour compressor drain intervals. Multiply those savings times thousands of compressors and you can see why we're installing AMSOIL nationwide."

- John Small, Sears


PC-Series Compressor Oils

AMSOIL Synthetic PC Series oils provide long compressor life through reduced component wear, corrosion protection, water resistance and lubricant breakdown resistance. These oils reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals and lowering labor and used product disposal requirements.
Product Code: PCH, PCI, PCJ, PCK, PCL

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Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils

Synthetic AW Series Antiwear Hydraulic Oils are shear stable, long-life lubricants based on high quality synthetic oil technology. These oils are formulated with a premium additive system that inhibits oxidation (preventing acid and viscosity increase), inhibits rust, and inhibits foam (preventing spongy hydraulics).
Product Codes: AWF, AWG, AWH, AWI, AWJ, AWK

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Thermally Stable Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

AMSOIL TBI hydraulic oil is a premium lubricant designed to biodegrade to its natural state when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity. TBI has a very low toxicity level because the oil is formulated with ashless additives that do not contain heavy metals.
Product Code: TBI

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SG Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

Amsoil SG Series Extreme Pressure Gear Oils are long-life, extended drain premium gear oils. SG Oils incorporate the highest quality shear-stable, synthetic fluids, resutling in extended operational temperature ranges and superior hydrolytic stability and thermal oxidative resistance. SG series Gear Oils are the primary recommendation for gear applications requiring an extreme-pressure lubricant.
Product Code: SGM

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Sirocco™ SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oil

These high quality, long life fluids last several times longer in use than mineral-based oils. AMSOIL SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils/Coolants are fully formulated with non-detergent additives and are designed for use in rotary screw, vane and reciprocating compressors. SE Series Synthetic Ester Compressor Oils/Coolants increase operating efficiency, reducing money spent on energy, repair and maintenance costs.
Product Code: SEI

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RC R&O/AW Gear and Bearing Oils

Amsoil's RC series lubricants are made from high quality base stocks and additive systems. This product prevents wear and protects equipment by maintaining its viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, incorporating anti-wear additives, preventing rust, and resisting the degrading effects of water. RC series oils are primarily recommended for gear and bearing applications and circulating systems requiring R&O and/or anti-wear additive technology.
Product Code: RCH

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Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid

AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil is the modern lubricant for modern farm and industrial equipment. Engineered specifically to meet the tough applications of heavy-duty, hydraulic-powered operations. Provides exceptional lubrication to reduce wear, resist heat, protect against rust and extend fluid and equipment service life.
Product Code: ATH

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Synthetic Blend EP Slideway, Chain and Gear Oils

AMSOIL Semi-Synthetic WL Series is a high-quality, heavy duty lubricant composed of synthetic base oils, large molecule petroleum base oils and additives specifically designed for EP applications found in gear, chain and machine tool applications. This combination of base oils and EP additives provides the excellent lubricity and film strength needed to prevent scoring and wear during equipment operations.
Product Code: WLJ, WLK, WLL, WLM

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